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Mooslie Smoothie Recipes

Our recipes are incredibly easy, convenient, nutritious, packed with information (how-to info, cost per serving, nutritional info (calorie count, etc), substitute ingredient recommendations, and more!

The secret to a gut healthier "Mooslie Smoothie" is the base ingredients. You'll notice a couple common ingredients in virtually all of our recipes:

  • Mooslie (prebiotics)
  • Greek Yogurt (probiotics)
  • Liquid (Almond milk, Coconut water, Kefir, or water)

Stock up on Mooslie, greek yogurt, Coconut water and/or Almond milk as your base ingredients. After that, the sky's the limit :)

Finally, we're fighting the war on sugar. Sugar is bad for gut health. Where possible, we eliminate it in our recipes. Your gut will thank you. #AllAboutThatBase

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