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Our Seriously Fresh Coffee


Our seriously fresh coffee starts with my father. He deserves some credit. He's a diehard customer of a local coffee place in his hometown of Nolensville, Tennessee (called Mama's Java). He introduced us. 

Transplants of Seattle, Mark and Melissa Hall moved to Music city years ago but couldn't find a great cup of they bought a kick butt air roasting machine that's the biggest of its kind East of the Mississippi...seriously.

They opened Mama's Java and have been providing really good air roasted coffee for years. Recently, Mark showed me around. I was hooked. 

So...I went to the internet to learn more about coffee. I read 4 articles. That was enough. I realized how long I've been willing to settle for pathetic and stale drum roasted coffee.

I asked Mark if I could sell his coffee. He said yes. Then I asked a few other local roasters if we could sell and deliver their coffee too.

Welcome to Mooslie Coffee. We're seriously fresh roasted coffee delivered to your less than 4 days.


It takes 4 steps to make the best coffee you've ever had. 

  1. It takes seriously fresh coffee. Coffee that has been air roasted less than 2 weeks ago. Coffee that's been ground less than 5 minutes ago.
  2. It takes a kettle. Preferably a kettle that will heat to a specific temperature (ideal for coffee).
  3. It takes a burr grinder. You can use an electric or manual (hand crank) grinder.
  4. It takes a french press or pour over coffee maker. We recommend a french press for convenience. It's fantastic and really easy to use, clean, and reuse. I recommend "his and hers" french presses. 

That's it.

Should you use...

  • Coffee Pods? Never.
  • Pre-ground coffee? Honestly, we prefer whole bean. We use a manual grinder because we get up early and don't want an electric grinder to wake everyone up. In fact, we grind just minutes before we brew (french press actually). We offer ground because, well it's convenient.  
  • Coffee that's been roasted more than 14 days ago? Nope.

It's really that simple.


You will NEVER get Mooslie coffee (or coffee from our awesome local roasters) delivered to you if its more than 10 days after roasting. If you do...we'll replace it. Throw it away. 


  1. Buy seriously fresh coffee (use it between 4-14 days)
  2. Heat water (so it'll be ready when you're done grinding)
  3. Grind coffee (coarse if french press and less than 60 seconds before water is ready)
  4. Pour coffee grounds, then water into french press. Let sit for a couple minutes.
  5. Press, pour into favorite mug, and enjoy. 

It's worth it. Your coffee experience will NEVER be the same again.