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Our Story


Mooslie was born out of the desire to help our college aged kids improve poor gut health. College students, as it turns out, are at really high risk for poor gut health (poor diet (lots of fried foods and sugar), stress, poor sleep habits, and alcohol consumption).

What we eventually discovered was...Mooslie is great for all ages. But, originally, we were just trying to help our kids :)


First, we started checking into "gut health" online.gut healthy smoothie

Next, we visited a functional MD.

Then, we started messing around with food...and smoothies.

It was Christmas break 2018. 

Our son and daughter were both home from college.

We had been "experimenting" with ingredients that made smoothies more "gut healthy."

One morning, instead of making the "old smoothie" (they were used too), we made the "new gut healthy smoothie."

They LOVED IT. Delicious.

We kept making them. 

But, they'd eat them ONLY IF WE made them. Sound familiar?

Then we noticed something...

Pulling out these 9 ingredients, measuring them, and putting them back didn't appeal to my kids in the slightest.

So...they didn't make them on their own (and to be honest, we were growing pretty tired of the ordeal ourselves). 

Gut healthy or not, this was becoming a pain. 

So...we decided to put all the ingredients into a baggie. 

Our son actually noticed and asked him, "what are you doing?"

He told him and his eyes lit up! He actually made a comment about how easy it looked.

Instead of 12 ingredients...4 ingredients. No measuring.

Eventually, it was time for our kids to go back to college. Christmas break was over. They both had blenders in their apartments. They rarely used them.

Now for the real test. We offered to make them some of "the baggies."

They both said yes.

We made 20 packets for our son and 20 for our daughter. 

Weeks later, we decided to ask them about the packets.

We both expected all 40 to still be there and where this baggie story would end.

All you can do is try...right?

We sent the text..."have you made any smoothies?"

Response from our daughter: "Yes. I've also shared some with my roommates. I've got a few left."

Response from our son: "I think I have 5 or so left."


They were actually eating them!!! They liked how easy they were to make and our son said he noticed that he didn't feel hungry until lunch. 

Then, we asked...

"Would you like us to make you some more?"

They both answered yes.

So he did.

...and they continued to make these "gut healthy" smoothies. 

That's how this whole thing was born. 

How awesome is that?!

As it turned out...the most important thing of all was the "convenience" factor. Combining all the ingredients into one bag was the difference maker.

That's when we decided to share it with you.  


Mooslie is a recipe of 9 powerful pre-biotic and dietary fiber rich ingredients. It also has antioxidants and Omega 3's along with several other important nutritional benefits!

Note: We also plan to launch Organic and Gluten-Free versions of our Mooslie recipe as soon as possible.


  • IT'S DELICIOUS - All the ingredients have a very mild design. This allows your favorite smoothie flavors to dominate!
  • IT'S EASY - Instead of using 9 different bags of ingredients (something most all of us will never do), it's just one serving of Mooslie...and you're set!
  • IT CONVENIENT - Our dry/pre-biotic recipe is shelf stable so it stores easily. Our flagship product (Mooslie 2 pounder) has 24 servings so you'll have enough to last awhile and also share with friends/family!


Mooslie can't do it all by itself.

Most all of the smoothie recipes we create include Mooslie mix (pre-biotic), Greek Yogurt (probiotic), and a liquid (Almond milk, water, etc) + whatever your heart desires.

Check out our Mooslie recipes here...


In a culture where an overwhelming percentage of us are addicted to sugar, we’re doing everything we can to create food that will help you fight this battle. 

Whenever possible, less sugar...more good stuff.


We hope you enjoy Mooslie...and please let us know what you think.

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PS - Did you wonder why we call it Mooslie? If so, here ya go...

Ever heard of Muesli (pronounced MUSE-LEE), the popular European breakfast food? Several of our ingredients are the same. So...we took Muesli and "smashed" it together with Smoothie and wha-la...MOOSLIE!  

Our original logo/mascot...

Mooslie smoothie mixer